Unapologetic Beauty Project

Unapologetic Beauty Toolkit

The Performance Company dancers come from diverse backgrounds, have different experiences and interests. We all, however, have something in common – a shared insecurity that affects some of us once in a while and others every moment of every day. Whether tall, small, thin, curvy, athletic, or delicate, we often think:

“My body is not beautiful”

This is a painful realization we wanted to kick in the butt! That’s where the idea for this documentary and toolkit was born. We decided to work together toward changing our negative relationships with our bodies because we could see the beauty in each other. Also, we believe that girls have the RIGHT to feel GOOD about their looks and shape.

The Unapologetic Beauty toolkit has been designed to help young women:

This toolkit has 3 parts:

  1. The Unapologetic Beauty documentary
  2. Kaitlyn’s dance
  3. Activities

Watch the documentary and Kaitlyn’s dance, then use some or all of the activities to spark discussions and reflection, debunk myths about our bodies, and connect with each other!

With this toolkit, we hope to inspire young women. Whether you are an educator or a teen, the documentary, dance and activities are conceived to facilitate the journey towards SELF LOVE.

Designing this toolkit has helped us recognize the impossibility of perfection and the impact that media, social media, and marketing have on us. This journey has also fueled the fire inside each of us to be free! We want control over our own bodies and how we feel about them.

This toolkit is a FREE resource made by young women for young women and we hope it gets lots of use! To make sure girls have access to the best confidence-building materials possible, we would love your feedback! We want to know who is using the toolkit, how effective it is and how our resources can become more accessible and useful

Unapologetic Beauty documentary

This short film documents the experiences, opinions, fears, and growth of a group of teenaged girls tackling body image issues. Witness:

Kaitlyn's dance

When we perform, it’s more a “sharing” than a performance because of the way we connect with each other and our audiences. We are about human connection — the feeling you get from actually relating to another person in an intimate space.

One of our former Performance Company members, 16-year-old Kaitlyn, created this dance piece about her experience in learning to love her body with the help of the performance company. It is a powerful testament to the pressures young women feel to conform and the strength it takes to refuse to let media and consumer culture make us feel bad about how we look.



Affirmation and pass-it-on cards

Be your own cheerleader or help support a friend by making hand-made cards with inspiring quotes or phrases that counter negative self-talk.

Our beautiful world - a landscape

Grab some friends and any number of art supplies and ask yourselves, what does beauty really look like? What things do you find beautiful?

Best part of me

Inspired by Wendy Ewald’s book, “The Best Part of Me,” take pictures of the body part you each like best and create a group vernissage!

Dance workshops

With or without dance experience, these workshops are easy to follow and encourage you to be more curious and comfortable with the body you have.

Debunking myths

Choose several myths that you believe are NOT TRUE! Take a turn sharing and demonstrating how these statements are false.

Discussion questions

Dig deep into why it’s so hard to love our bodies with these discussion questions. The questions include sensitive material and are intended for groups with strong emotional safety.


Meals can be stressful for young women feeling insecure about their bodies. Eating yummy food, thoughtfully prepared with friends is healthy and can nurture closeness.

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