Looking for a Space to Create? Join Our Teen Program!


We know that you see, hear and experience a lot of things in the world around you. And we know that you have your own unique perspective. Our classes for young women ages 12 – 17 are the place where you can share your ideas and try stuff out. It’s a place where you not only get to let your ideas out, but you get to let YOURSELF out!

At Dandelion, we will show you how to use dance to bring YOUR OWN IDEAS to life. This is your space to create, explore dance and movement and learn about how to turn what is in your head into your very own creation. And if you are super keen, you can even help create your own sets and costume designs!

On top of all the awesome creative activities we do IN class, our teens get together outside of the studio a few times a year as well. We aren’t just a dance class: we are YOUR creative community, where you get to do everything from a multicultural dinner once a year, to outdoor activities that inspire your creative process.

Dandelion Teen Program

This could be anything from a trip to an art gallery, watching a film together or going on a nature hike. We also celebrate each other’s birthdays in class, which is always a fun way to recognize each girl’s unique awesomeness! And guess what – you get to work with your class to decide which activities you do together!

Each June, we have a year end performance. This is your chance to share your creations from across the year with your friends, family and our dance community.

The best part is that you can join us even if you have never danced before! Our classes are for everyone.

Join us!

Our Winter/Spring 2020 Teen Program is currently full. Registration for Fall 2020 coming soon.

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