Looking for a Friendly Space to Create? Join Our Teen Program!


Teens see, hear and experience a lot of things in the world around them. They have their own unique perspectives, opinions and ideas – sometimes lots of them! We love that.😀

It’s one of the things that makes teens so awesome.

Every girl should have a space where she can be herself, discover her ideas, and share them with others. So, we have created just that.

Our Teen classes are a hive of creativity. It’s the place where you get to share your ideas and try stuff out. Experiment. Make a mess. Dance freely. Be bravely and beautifully imperfect.

Trying things that are new and different can be so awesome! But in order for that to happen, you need to be somewhere that you won’t be judged. You need to be free to try stuff out. To fail. And to reach for the stars. You need a kind place, a place where you can be you. The real you.

So, at Dandelion, we believe kindness matters, a lot. (You’ll notice the difference when you get here!)

Performance Company in laughing circle

What do you do in the Teen Class?

Our teachers will show you how to use dance to bring your own ideas to life.

Every week you get to create, explore dance and movement and learn how to turn what is in your head into your very own creation.

We aren’t just a dance class: we are YOUR creative community. On top of all the awesome creative activities we do in class, we also get together outside of the studio a few times a year. We enjoy an annual multicultural dinner, celebrate birthdays, and take part in community activities that help inspire your creative process.

Each June, we have a year-end performance. This is your chance to share your creations with your friends, family and our dance community. And if you are super keen, you can even help create your own sets and costume designs!

The best part is that you can join us even if you have never danced before! Our classes are for everyone.

We look forward to getting to know you and creating with you!

Dandelion Teen Program
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