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Our Story

our story

Dandelion Dance™ is like no other dance school! All of our programs are based on the Dandelion Approach™ as developed by our founder, Hannah Beach.

Our Mission

We offer life changing programs that bring girls of all backgrounds and abilities together to use their unique experiences in the collective creation of dance works. Creating together allows the girls to have a voice, develop empathy, break stereotypes, discover and explore their creativity and practice leadership. We extend our reach into the community by creating and distributing dance resources that focus on creative exploration and community building. We offer workshops for social workers and educators so that they may develop the skills they need to build more connected communities through dance.

Our Values

Dandelion Dance™ embraces and promotes diversity

We believe that creating and learning in an environment that celebrates diversity enables girls to maximize their potential. These fundamental values inform all aspects of our programs, and ensure we serve a diverse cross-section of girls and families from our community.

Dandelion Dance™ is inclusive

We welcome girls of all income levels, religions, cultures, body types, abilities, members of the LGBTQ community and experience levels. Our teachers are trained to facilitate collaborative and supportive spaces so each girl can discover her best self while being treated with kindness, courtesy and respect – and learn to do the same for others.

Dandelion Dance™ is equitable

The Dandelion Approach™ allows each girl to maximize her creative potential, regardless of her experience level and ability.

Dandelion Dance™ is accessible

We offer financial support to girls from low-income families. We offer classes and performances at wheelchair-accessible venues. We accommodate requests related to religious and cultural practices, such as prayer times and modest clothing for our classes and public performances.

The Dandelion Approach™

The Dandelion Approach™ allows each girl to discover her most awesome self. All of our programs are based on the Dandelion Approach™, which has been developed by Hannah Beach over 17 years. In every class, the Dandelion Approach™ enables each girl to see herself as a creator, with a unique and valuable perspective to share with her community. Through our programs, girls develop the skills and confidence to:
  • Dandelion Seed
    DISCOVER their unique voice and perspective, both individually and collectively
  • Dandelion Seed
    CREATE their own dance works in an inclusive and supportive environment
  • Dandelion Seed
    SHARE their dance works with others
Our teachers are key to every girl’s success. They must complete several levels of specialized training before leading Dandelion’s programs. This includes intensive workshops and training, a certification in childhood development, and a one-year apprenticeship.
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