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Professional Development Opportunities

Create empathic, inclusive and dynamic spaces through the Dandelion Dance™ Approach!

The Dandelion Dance™ Approach is the foundation of our creative programs for girls and young women. Through relationship, movement, and arts exploration we support girls to uncover the artist within, discover and refine their leadership skills, and build community.

But the benefits of the Dandelion Dance™ Method are not limited to the dance studio, or to girls-only programs.

Our Workshops for Educators, Social Workers and other Professionals

Participants gaining insights during morning session
Participants in creative movement during afternoon session

Our qualified facilitators are available to run professional development workshops on the basics of the Dandelion Dance™ Approach for educators, social workers and other professionals that work with children and youth.

In our workshops, participants learn how they can incorporate dance and creative movement into their own work in order to:
Participants co-creating their pathway

  • support students social and emotional health
  • acquire the skills to facilitate a play-based, multi-arts relational approach to support bringing anxiety to rest and developing resilience for children and youth
  • encourage students to explore their communities and the world around them
  • support students to use their lived experiences and individual perspectives in the creative process
  • model behaviours that teach students to celebrate each other’s unique strengths and perspectives
  • support student’s critical literary skills
  • cultivate authenticity, trust, and empathy between groups of students
  • support students celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion
  • provide opportunities for students to share their work with others, thereby promoting the exchange of new ideas and challenging stereotypes

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