The Glebe Report – Dandelion Dance™ a finalist in 2017 REVERE award

The following article is from the June 2017 PDF edition of The Glebe Report, page 15:

“The Dandelion Dance™ learning series ‘I Can Dance / Je peux danser’, published by Rubicon Publishing, was recently named Supplemental Resources Finalist in the Resources for Arts category for the 2017 Recognizing Valuable Educational Resources (REVERE) awards by the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The REVERE awards identify and honour high quality resources that educate learners of all ages, in all media and in all educational environments, both in and beyond the classroom.

The AAP recognition is a signicant achievement for first time author and founder of Dandelion Dance™, Hannah Beach. The series was created to help support children and youth explore emotions, ideas and experiences through movement. The ‘I Can Dance’ series encourages all age groups in various stages of life to learn through dance and self-expression.

Hannah states, “I am so grateful to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board as they were the first school board to purchase the ‘I Can Dance’ resources board-wide…. Many other school boards across Canada followed their lead…and the series took off in the education community.”

Dandelion Dance™ will be opening a new location for their dance school in September in the Glebe as the Glebe Neighbourhood Activity Group’s (GNAG) newest partner. They are thrilled to be working alongside GNAG to bring this innovative dance program, which has gained national interest, to Glebe residents.”

Ref: The Glebe Report

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