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Movement Mornings

Our Movement Mornings program offers girls ages 6 to 11 a warm, supportive morning of creative movement, visual arts, dressing up, musical exploration, drama, and storytelling. We will integrate the outdoors into many of our arts explorations every time we meet. You’ll often find our classes enjoying outdoor parades, dancing in the grass and composing music with the outdoor treasures we find!

What sets our Movement Mornings program apart from other programs?

We live in a culture of “busy.”

At Dandelion, we provide girls a space that is free of “busy,” free of feeling rushed, and free from competition. We offer a nourishing, gentle space in which girls can connect, share their ideas, and fall into a state of wonder.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We believe having a safe place to express oneself is important and leads to emotional health and well-being. We create every class and dance from the inside-out!
  • All of our programs are rooted in the attachment-based developmental approach. We believe that children thrive in the context of a warm, secure relationship with those leading them.
  • Our facilitators must complete a rigorous one-year hands-on apprenticeship training in the Dandelion Approach before they can lead their own classes. This training provides them an in-depth understanding of how to support girls, individually and collectively, to share their ideas and create through the arts.
  • In addition, all of our facilitators hold certifications through The Neufeld Institute that help them to make sense of children from a developmental perspective. This enables them to create emotional safety in our classes for all of our students.
We look forward to getting to know your daughter and creating together!

What about COVID?

Whatever happens – we are running! Our committed team is prepared for all scenarios.
If public health requirements restrict meeting in person due to COVID-19, then we will shift to a combination of online and remote programming. Online classes will run from 9:30 – 11 am, and we will provide additional weekly extension activities that girls can do with little/no support from parents.

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