A Glimpse into Our Members Video Works

A glimpse into our members video works

Dandelion Dance™ typically shares its work live.

In fact, we don’t think of our performances as “performances” in the usual sense. We see them as a “sharing by the girls and young working in our programs of works that belong to them.

We are about human connection — the feeling you get from actually relating to another person in an intimate space. Our events are an opportunity to experience firsthand the impact of the work created by the girls and young women of Dandelion.

Checkout our members' video works

If you have not yet been to one of our events, check out the videos below to get a sense for the kind of work we support girls and young women to create. Our Performance Company had full creative control over these works – from the originating concept, to writing and choreographing each work, and of course, performing each piece.

As always, we are excited to share these works with everyone in the Dandelion community!

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