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Girls Leading Girls: The Power of Dance

There is a power in a moving body that tells a story, and a power in how dance can access feelings and insight for both the dancer and the spectator.

Girls Leading Girls – Leadership in Action

It fills me with hope for the future when I see how confidence and wellbeing emerge when girls are taken seriously and celebrated for who they truly are.

Exploring “The Best Part of Me”

There is a statement that I hear all too often. As an arts-educator, I hear it in my classes from girls as young as 6. ​It is a thought that seems to exist in each girl, no matter what her background, experiences and interests. ​I also hear this phrase within my own personal networks, particularly […]

Stop #1 on The Girls Leading Girls Tour

Our Girls Leading Girls Tour has begun at Joan of Arc Academy. Students enjoyed learning about a new kind of leadership through performances and workshops.