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‘I Can Dance’ Books

Developed to work for ALL children and designed to be successfully taught by ALL teachers, the ‘I Can Dance’ book series has been created to support children in the exploration of inclusive interpretive dance.

When working with children, it is important to understand and acknowledge that they have everything inside of them to create a beautiful and meaningful dance experience for themselves.

You are not teaching them to become dancers, but creating a dynamic that allows them to explore what is already there. This dynamic is what will make the process work.

I Can Dance Book ExampleThe ‘I Can Dance’ series of books at Rubicon Publishing, available in both English and French, illustrates to children that dance is for girls and boys of all abilities and that dance is about more than just steps.

It is also about exploring, reflecting, and experiencing our world through an artistic medium.

Each book includes a CD with voice-over facilitation that will guide children through the dance concepts. The CDs also include the music with no facilitation.

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