Frozen and Forgotten

Dandelion Dance Performance Company has created a dance for this event and will be performing it in support of Joan of Arc Academy’s initiative:

Frozen and Forgotten jeans campaign

More than 1,000 young people will sleep on the streets of Ottawa this winter, without shelter and—in too many cases—without hope. Homeless youths have never had a greater need for safe places to live.

That’s why the students of Joan of Arc Academy have launched Frozen and Forgotten to raise both awareness of, and donations to support homeless youth in Ottawa.

The school’s Girls 4 Girls program is seeking donations of $10 or more to fund a new Youth Housing Hub, located at 2887 Riverside Drive.

All donations will contribute directly to Joan of Arc’s goal of becoming a Founding Family at the Youth Housing Hub. In turn, the frozen and forgotten youths in Ottawa will receive a safe and supportive home.

What is YSB’s Youth Housing Hub?

The Hub will offer safe and affordable housing to homeless youths aged 16 to 24. At-risk youths will have access to in-house mental health counselling, employment and education support, primary care, a dental care and more to help break the cycle of youth homelessness.


Date(s) - Feb/25/2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Joan of Arc Academy

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