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In our Children’s Program, Every Girl is a Creator!

Dandelion is known nationally for our innovative and exceptional dance programs. We support girls in becoming community-minded citizens, experiencing leadership, and discovering their best selves! Girls of all ages, experience levels and abilities work together in our classes to transform their thoughts and ideas into creative dance works – even very young girls. Over time, girls realize their creative potential, learn to take creative risks, and develop their confidence and leadership capacity. And they carry these skills with them for life.

Our Children’s Program introduces young girls to the world of creative movement and experimentation, collaboration and self-discovery. Girls meet weekly to learn the basics of choreography, develop their inner artist, and engage in exercises that put creative control in their hands!

Girl's Love to Dance CommentsAt the annual year-end performance at Centrepointe Theatre, girls share their own works with their family, friends and our broader dance community.

We offer classes at wheelchair-accessible locations. Our teachers are trained to facilitate a supportive, inclusive environment for girls from diverse backgrounds. We also offer subsidies to families who need financial support.

For more information, see our online registration for the Winter 2018 school term, which opens later this fall.