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The Dandelion Dance™ Performance Company is regularly invited to perform at schools, community organizations, and special events in diverse venues, including universities, workplaces and national conferences.

Girls in performanceThe Company’s work engages audiences of all sizes and kinds, and its work can be viewed through many lenses. This includes:

  • the power of dance as a medium and platform for allowing girls and young women to cultivate and share their voices.
  • the value of the arts to personal development, social connection and community building.
  • how an equitable and inclusive approach to artistic collaboration and creation can spark broader community and social change.
  • the interests and views of a diverse group of young women on a wide range of topics, such as human rights, the environment, poverty, and the importance of trust in human relationships.
  • the vital importance of empowering girls and young women to build their capacity to connect, create and lead!

Please email Hannah Beach with more information about your event, and to learn about our fees and how the Dandelion Dance™ Performance Company can inspire your guests. All fees support the ongoing work of Dandelion Dance™.

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