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Girls Leading Girls – Leadership in Action

It fills me with hope for the future when I see how confidence and wellbeing emerge when girls are taken seriously and celebrated for who they truly are.


There is a statement that I hear all too often. As an arts-educator, I hear it in my classes from girls as young as 6. ​It is a thought that seems to exist in each girl, no matter what her background, experiences and interests. ​I also hear this phrase within my own personal networks, particularly […]

Making Space for Girls, Part 2

Girls need a place to celebrate their bodies not for what they look like, but for what they can do. At Dandelion Dance™ we are making space for girls.

Making Space for Girls

When I founded Dandelion, my vision was to offer a safe, warm space that provides every girl an opportunity for self-discovery through community and creation.

Stop #1 on The Girls Leading Girls Tour

Our Girls Leading Girls Tour has begun at Joan of Arc Academy. Students enjoyed learning about a new kind of leadership through performances and workshops.

Twelve Girls. One Idea. Four years Later.

Bringing big ideas to life takes both leadership and community. Four years ago, one of Dandelion’s Performance Company members, Kaitlyn Hemstreet, had a big idea for a dance.

Beyond Inspiration: Helping youth feel their leadership potential

Someone asked me the other day about leadership. How can you get kids who really don’t see themselves as leaders, to become leaders? How do you inspire them?

Our summer professional development course was a hit!

Making Sense of Anxiety, our professional development course was a great success. It combines developmental psychology with hands-on arts solutions.

The Art of Collecting our Children and Why it Matters

When you “collect” a child, you are making an effort to connect with that child so that they can feel comfortable and connected to you.