Apprentice with Dandelion

Apply for our one-year apprenticeship program!

Through our programs, girls ages 6-18 develop the skills and confidence to:

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    DISCOVER their unique voice and perspective, both individually and collectively
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    CREATE their own dance works in an inclusive and supportive environment
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    SHARE their dance works with others

Dandelion facilitators are key to every girl's success

Our facilitators must complete several levels of specialized training before leading Dandelion’s programs and it all starts with a one-year apprenticeship.
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    Do you love kids? We mean REALLY love them.
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    Do you have experience leading children and/or teens?
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    Are you an artist at heart? Are you passionate about helping kids/teens find their inner artist? Do you believe in the power of the arts to create change?
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    Do you believe in the importance of girls having a safe space to grow?

If you answered YES to all of the above, read on...

As part of your paid apprenticeship training, you will:

facilitator with Ashley

I'm not a trained dancer.
Can I do this?!

YES! You do not need to have any dance experience to become a Dandelion facilitator.

Dandelion facilitators create the conditions that support girls to feel emotionally safe so that they can create their own dance works and bring their ideas to life.

You will be provided with all the training you need to facilitate our dance experiences for children and youth.

We want you to be successful!

Our training program is rigorous and supportive. It was designed to help leaders learn how to: